Behind the Moves:

NHL General Managers Tell how Winners are Built

Already hailed as “the most important hockey book in over a decade”, Behind the Moves is based on in-person interviews with every living NHL GM who has taken a team to the Stanley Cup final. Collectively these GMs represent over 500 seasons of GM experience.

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When the Anaheim Ducks beat the Detroit Red Wings 4-3 on May 22, 2007, a milestone was reached. With that win, Brian Burke became the 50th NHL General Manager to guide his team to the Stanley Cup Finals. Yet in 84 years of NHL history, only 32 GMs have won the Stanley Cup as a GM, and only 21 since 1967 expansion! Burke is one. There are only 30 GMs in the NHL. Burke is one….but one of a kind! Let ‘Burkie’ and the other Cup finalist GMs take you Behind the Moves and into the war rooms where team blueprints are made and executed; put you on the cell phone to trade shots with a fellow GM and negotiate the fate of a player on deadline day; or march you into the dressing room to address the team at a critical juncture in the season when they need to be pushed to greatness. All hockey eyes are on each and every NHL GM. The fickle fans and merciless media, teammates and opposing players, agents and owners are all watching and evaluating whether he has the heart, the mind, and the drive to become one of…Hockey’s Greatest General Managers.

“Behind the Moves provides direct access to the greatest living hockey minds. It pulls back the velvet curtain on the GM community and lets readers access insiders’ information about successful NHL general managers.”
– Neil Smith, GM of the 1994 Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers

Behind the Moves is a 252 page coffee-table book rich with hockey imagery, stories of wheeling and dealing, and the raw experiences of NHL GMs who built winners. The book honors these legendary GMs, provides a complete statistical ranking of their achievements, chronicles the evolution of their profession, and charts the inter-relationships between them – whether they emerged from the older Sam Pollock or Bill Torrey schools of franchise management, or patterned themselves after the more recent examples of NHL executive development modeled by the likes of Glen Sather or Pat Quinn. The book features a foreword by Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke and thereafter provides equal weight to the recollections, philosophies, and insights of the other GMs who have taken their team to the Stanley Cup Finals since the NHL assumed control of the Stanley Cup in 1926.

“Nothing like this book has been done before. An invaluable addition to hockey history and hockey lore.”
– Frank Selke Jr., former NHL general manager and son of
legendary Montreal Canadiens GM, Frank Selke