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‘Behind the Moves’ is local author’s third hockey book

John Streit  Sep 27, 2011 21:17:37 PM
VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s a secretive world rarely seen by those on the outside: The boardrooms and offices of the elite men responsible for steering hockey franchises to victory.Local author and publisher Jason Farris pulls back the icy curtain in his new book, Behind the Moves: NHL General Managers Tell How Winners Are Built.

Farris says he feels pretty darned fortunate to have had access to the league’s winning GMs from the last half century.

“I had a good in with Brian Burke, and he and I spent close to ten hours together talking through this concept of really trying to go behind the scenes and let fans understand how the GMs work and how they interact together,” he tells News1130.

Farris says from there, he was able to gather more than 120 hours of recorded interviews with every living general manager who has taken a team to the Stanley Cup Final since expansion.

As far as a blueprint for creating a winner – specifically speaking about the Vancouver Canucks – Farris says it has certainly changed. So have the Canucks been following that plan?

“You see the effective GMs are the ones able to adapt as the structure of the league has changed,” he says. “Canucks GM Mike Gillis has been at it for three years and shares one common thing with the other successful GMs.

“He appears from afar to be a very independent thinker, and while he may be prickly on the outside and people may not like his approach a lot, I do think come hell or high water he’s decided to build it his way, and that tends to be the way winners are built.”

Canucks fans will enjoy the backstory of the signing of obscure goalie Martin Brochu in 2001, and how everyone looked skyward when Brian Burke did it.

Farris says Burke believes Islanders GM Mike Milbury “totally screwed him” in that deal.

“He had a deal all lined for Garth Snow at the time and that got pulled on him and he was left holding the bag and having to take Martin Brochu as back-up goalie,” he says.

Farris says the wording is a lot stronger from Burke and fans will enjoy reading about those kinds of things.

Check out to learn more about the book and see sample pages.

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