Pierre Gauthier or Jim Rutherford? Who won this trade?

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Montreal acquires: Tomas Kaberle

Carolina acquires: Jaroslav Spacek

Canadiens coach Jacques Martin said he believes Kaberle will provide the dominating power-play presence the team hoped Andrei Markov would bring.

”Andrei Markov is our quarterback, but he hasn’t played a game yet,” Martin said after the team’s practice Friday.

The oft-injured Markov underwent more knee surgery last Monday and isn’t expected back for at least another six weeks.

”The power play is a critical part of the game for us,” Martin said.

”If we can get better production out of it, maybe that can make a difference. That’s what happened my first two seasons here.”

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“I’m sorry it’s over, but it was clear I had no future in Montreal,” Spacek told Sportsnet’s Louis Jean. “I think this will be good for my career and my family.”

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Said Rutherford in a statement, “This deal brings a solid, veteran defenseman to our team for the remainder of this season and allows us more flexibility with our roster moving forward.”

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